Hello all of you,

Well, as you can see from the title, I've been doing a lot of writing and drawing.  But, for whom? There is a magazine called Stone Soup that asks children 8-13 to submit their artwork, stories, poems and book reviews for their magazine.

I sent in a story once before, but receiving no reply, I don't think it was accepted.  But...this time I have already sent in two pictures, I've written six stories, (probably only going to send in five of them though) and one good poem. :D So...hopefully I can get some of them published. :)

That's 'bout all!  Happy Holidays!


Bailey said...

The Stone Soup age is a very good age to be. Those were the years of productive writing.

Keep up the good work, Pip!

Bethany said...

Good luck with Stone Soup. ;)


Kara said...

Thank you Bailey..very encouraging!

Thank you too, Flop!

I can't wait to see you two, tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

You should post some of your writting.I'd love to read some!

Hope it gets published!

Maria said...

Good luck m'dear! 'Hope some of it gets published!