Hmmmmm, I need some help deciding between some headers...any suggestions?  Also, should I change my background/template...should I turn my blog into a photography blog? Any suggestions?




Maria said...

I would have to say... I'm sorry but I don't love your second header. It's hard to read the words over the picture but maybe that's just me. A photography blog would be kinda neat, although your blog IS great right now!

Anonymous said...

I like your present blog header best and I think it's really neat the way you add your photography in with the rest of your blog. You have a really nice blog!

Bethany said...

The photo header is a little grayish - and the words are hard to read...but other then that - it seems like a good idear!

Bailey said...

(1.) I really like the concept of the second header, perhaps with the words clearer or something.

(2.) A new background. That would be fun.

(3.) The problem with photography blogs...they pigeonhole people. You have so much more to share than photos - your current combination is just right. :o)

Kara said...

Thank ya'll for your...opinions.

Yes Bayleaf,I would probably make the words clearer and try to get the gray out...Thank you! Glad you like mwa blog!!!