I was awared the "Versatile Blogger" by Bethany!!!
1. thank the person and link back to the person who gave the award to you. Thank's Bethany!!!
2. share seven things about yourself:

1) I love the Booth Brothers

2) I live in a small town

3) I am a photography-aholic

4) My favorite color is green ;P

5) I have had two concussions (random, eh?)
6)  My favorite kindof clothes is denim skirts

7) My best friend's name starts with a B

3. Pass this on to 7 people who have commented recently:

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Bailey @ Big House in the Little Woods
Maddi @ Through the Eyes of A Teenager
Sarah @ Breezes Through the Meadow
Maria @ Sunshine in A Cloudy World
Carlotta @ Pastor's Girl Ponderings

Have fun


Bethany said...

Yay!! Thanks for doing it Kara. I was completely shocked that your color was green...how did that happen?

:D Can't wait to see you tomorrow! I hav oodles of surprises!


Bethany said...

HAVE. my bad.

Kara said...

:) You NEVER knew moi favorite color was green. Wow. :) lol

I know! We will have so much fun, it'll be amazing! Aunt Megan just left a bit ago from helping decorate mwa cake. *sighs* It's beautiful!

Maria said...

Yay! I can't wait for tommorrow! I knew your fav. color was green!