A Civil War Tea

We helped out with a Civil war tea, and I think I made enough cookies, stacked enough bread, added enough ingredients and stirred enough batter for an army. :) But we got 'er done. It was a lot of work,  but I must say, it was rather fun!  I don't think I remember what I made first...

Now, for some pictures!

     Most of the cookies, but there were more in containers. :)
Miss Sarah, my "most of the time" partner
Cranberry Bread, and Orange spread
MMMM, bunt cake!

          A pretty desert!    

It wouldn't let me upload very many pictures, but there are some!


Bailey said...

Aww, that's a sweet photo of Miss Sarah.

Sounds like so much fun to put together! And all the cookies...yipe. Talk about perseverance.

Sarah Grace said...

You got that right about making enough food . There was enough there to feed an army !!!!! lol !

Hope you had a splendid Christmas !

Love ya!