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M'dear Followers and whoever else,

Lately it's been rather busy. :((  I've doubled up in school, because on Thursday we are leaving for Ohio for the Skaggs Family Thankgiving. :D We'll be there all weekend, and it'll be a  lot of fun!!!

I have this horrible cold, that includes runny/stuffy nose, and kinda sore and all that good jazz. But, whatever....I'm trying to get over it, so it'll be gone by the time we go to Ohio. :D

Something's wrong with this space-bar thing/keyboard. It's being really weird.

Dad is hunting...Isaac and Becca are playing something...And Mom and Anna are...I don't know what Mom and Anna are doi-

*Oops! I just broke the keyboard!* :D No really, I did break the keyboard, not right this second but I did break it. I was agitated about...(What! Don't laugh, no I did not grab the k-board and throw it in the screen!)the spacebar was not working, and I was trying to find out what was wrong with it...so I was prying the piece of plastic we call space bar and then seeing if that would help...well I pried too hard!  The piece came off...."Oh Goodness...Dad's gonna kill me." Was something to the thought when I looked at the piece...But, luckily I finally fixed it...and the spacebar is working!!!!

-I don't know what Mom and Anna are doing..

Have a wondrous evening!!!


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Bethany said...

Hahaha!! That is just too hilarious. Mum once vaccumed the "8" off the keyboard. ;)

You do like the word "jazz" I've noticed... ;)

Awww, deary - take some elderberry and a nice cup of apple cider. There, there, sit down and wrap in this blanket. Read a nice relaxing book and curl up by the fire. *cough* heater - you don't have a fireplace. :)