I create

My latest "big" creation was a nightgown for my sister Becca's birthday, which was October 21st. :D It was lot's 'o work, but it turned out nice, and I think she liked it!



P.S. Bethany at Joyfullgirl Creations is having an "i Create" post.  If you have a certain project you have finished, and would like people to know about, grab the button and post once a month!


Bethany said...

Yay Kara!! You get the prize for entering first. :0)

That is the most darling nightgown I've seen - and the fabric...*sighs* lovely!!

A+! And thanks for linking up and telling others about it. :D


Kara said...

:D Thank'ee Dear Flop!

Yay! I actually got an A+. (BTW can you give me one on my math? groan)

Bethany said...

Don't mention math - I think I failed my test. Not to mention I got a C on a science test *ACK!!* and I studied too...

Hannah said...

You did a wonderful job! That's really good. ooh, the fabric is loverliful. Anyways, I'm sure it was not as stressful as the day you and Sarah R. and Bethany made Chub dresses...even though it probably was a lot harder.

Anyways..I think I've seen that 'i create' button before...I saw Floppeth make it.

Anyways, good post! I'm sure Becca liked the nightgown.


Anna said...

Oh, and what a beautiful nightgown it is too. :) You did a great job on it!

Bailey said...

Oh, how adorable! Bravissimo!