Football Fun

Did you see the Packers totally beat the Vikings last week?  Did you also see when Brett Favre had to get stitches and had a concusion today, against the Patriots?

I think all we football fans believe that Brett Favre should retire...like totally retire...like NOW. :/ He's like, getting beat up. Like yeah, bad. :) Maria, and Christian can agree with me!

You can see by the picture from above, that poor Brett Favre needs to retire...like now. Didn't he get himself into this trouble? :D

Just a random outburst of how the Packers are awesome and totally can beat the Vikings, and how Brett Favre needs to retire. (Random or what!?)

Forever a Packer's Fan,



Bethany said...

Awww - that sounds terrible - even if he "betrayed" the Packers I don't think he "deserved" to get squashed...I mean - ouch. :) It's gotta hurt. ;)

And m'dear - you know where I stand about football - the perfect thing to watch to fall asleep... ;)

Agree with thou though - he does need to retire before he ends up in the ER for the rest of his life. ;)



Sarah said...

I have to agree with Bethany about getting Squashed . I think we should still respect Brett Farve a little bit . I mean he is the oldest quarterback ever known . But I do have to agree that he needs to retire before he ends up getting crippled !

And watching football .... the ultimate best way to fall asleep ! Right Flop ? Lol !

Kara said...

Perhaps so...but truly, he's the one who got himself into the trouble, right. So, if he gets squashed, he chose it...not my problem.


Bethany said...

*Cough* you girls...I had a feeling something like this would come up. :)

Bailey said...

Um, yay? :o)

I don't care one lick or wink about football or Favre (don't like or respect him anymore, though)...but I will cringe for anyone who gets banged up the way he did.

And actually, I didn't see the game. I was making Reid Ribble signs for our Scott Walker rally. (Complicated.) The guys, as indicated by the explosive cheers, seemed to agree with you. I just don't understand Packer fans. ;o)

Kara said...

lol Bailey...Your not the football type are you?! :D

Wow! Coolness! Did you have fun at your rally etc?

Wow, lots 'o Packer Fans!

Can't wait to see you tomorrow!!