Anne...With An "E"

As you might be able to guess, from the title, mainly my mom, Anna, and I have been watching Anne Of Green Gables.

Who all has watched the movie? Who all loves it? Isn't it a woouuundddroousssss movie? Anne is sooo funny! In the beginning she is forever apologizing for talking too much, asking if she is talking to much, and saying that so and so said that she shouldn't talk so much!

When watching, did anyone note that when I beleive she was talking to Marilla she says something to the likes of "This is the most tragical day of my life". lol.

An imagination as big as the sky, and a friend who lives in a window...That is the fun of the life of Anne (spelled with an "E") Shirley's life..:D

Hope ya'll enjoy the post! We are going to be watching the rest of Anne of Green Gables tonight! Yay!


<3 Kara
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Bethany said...

I love the first Anne of Green Gables (the second and third are ummm...*cough*)

Can't forgot about the mouse and the pudding!! LOL

Anna's blog is looking great!


Kara said...

I know! I reallllyy like that movie! The first, is wondrous and halarious! Anne is funny!

Hahahahah the mouse and the pudding...and Diana gets drunk on what Anne thinks is Raspberry coudul, but turns out to be current "wine"!!!!


Erin said...

I love that movie! My sister and I were talking about how we needed to watch it again just the other day. :)
*Hey...Carrots!* lol

Kara said...

Erin, that movie is soooo much fun! ..falling off the ridgepole...fainting in the "haunted" woods. :D Ah, so much fun!


Maria said...

OH My Gosh! I LOVE Anne of Green Gables! It's one of my all time favorites! We own it on VHS and DVD. I have seen it SO many times and never tire of it. I love Gilbert! I love it when she and Diana visit Diana's great aunt or cousin! Lucky you watching it!

Kara said...

:D Maria, Anna said as she was reading the comment "I like Gilbert too!" :D

Ikr? THe movie/dvd is sooo good. We just finished watching it!


Bailey said...

I never could jump on the whole Anne of Green Gables bandwagon, but the first movie is cute. I love talking about talking too much -- in that respect I love her. :o)