Photography Contest

Alrighty, Abby is having a photography contest.

The theme is cookies. You are supposed to take a picture of a cookie. It can be crazy, weird, regular, or nice. There is a rule: The picture you enter must be one you have taken. The prize is a little "message in a glass bottle" bracelet, that Miss Abby made!

So, you can read more about the contest, at Abby's blog, which I linked.

Have fun snapping pictures!



Bethany said...

Lol, I'm hiring you to order me to go bake some cookies today. But since choir was cancled - I shall bake them tomorrow. ;)LOL - good luck!

Maria said...

That's cool. I'll maybe try tomorrow. I am not good at making amazing looking cookies though! Love the idea!

Anonymous said...

Kara, the pictures of the cookies are great! The only problem is, we are on a diet, and now we could eat a whole plate of your scrumbtious looking cookies. YUM-YUM!!! SO INSTEAD OF COOKIES, WE GET TO EAT A PIECE OF MEAT WITH CHEESE WRAPPED AROUND IT...CAN'T WAIT!!! (groan!!) MAMAW