School Assignment

Alright, I was given the assignment of writing on a topic of something else, or a subject I found interesting from the God's World News Magazine. Here is my writing. ;)

I was looking through the GWN magazine we received and found an article with a rather interesting subject: A man who collected...

Old potato chip bags. Indeed! Old potato chip bags. :) Thirty-two year old, Dave Valentine, an Englishman, saved the bags from when he was a child. He now has a collection of bags worth about $16.000. When he was a child, and had not disobeyed his mother he would not have this collection. However, I do not encourage or "vote for" disobedience.

Who would have thought a bunch of old potato chip bags, considered garbage, would bring profit!

I, myself, thing that though it might be interesting - collecting old snack wrappers, it would most likely produce a messy house...a bunch of considered garbage lying around. It is rather profitable in the end, but I don't think I'll try it. Each to his own...

:D Interesting, eh?

Well...have a good day!



Bethany said...

Remind me that that sounds like a good idea. ;D

Kara said...

:D Dearie, is your mother going to allow that?!


Pioneer Beauty said...

Dear Kara,

I saw that you visited over at Pioneer Beauty..Unfortunately the Giveaway ended Yesterday at Midnight..I am however having another one..and you are more than welcome to join in if you would like..it actually hasn't started yet but I gave people clues to make a guess as to what it is going to be..if guessed correctly it will gain you 3 enteries..It's under the title post "Stay Tuned"
I hope to see you there..

Have a Blessed Sweetie
In Christ

Kara said...

:D oops. Thanks for tellin me!


Maria said...

Very interesting! I never would have thought potato chip bags...... I do think that keeping those would be messy and awkward though! Anyway, love ya!

Kara said...

Wowsy-woosy. GWN is interesting isn't it.

Anonymous said...

If it was Conn's potatoe chip bags he saved, I'm sure he had a very greasy house. No, I don't think I would like to save all that kind of stuff. We had 8 children; think what would have happened if each one had a project like that. I don't want to even think about it. Very interesting, Kara. Love ya!! Mamaw