Ah, School!

Oh...Sorry to say I haven't been posting...as I should. :(

Well, as you know it is time for school. We e.g. Anna (9th grade), Ike (2nd grade), Becca (kindergarten) and me 7th grade)all started school yesterday. :D It was very interesting!

It is very different to be awakened at 6:30 or so in the morning when you have been getting up at 8:30 and nine at the latest, most of the summer! To groggily get up and go downstairs to get your breakfast.

- But, we have been managing! I think it was a bit easier for me to get up this morning. It is a bit different being in Seventh Grade. Last year I was done usually before or a bit after lunch...now I am getting done before Dad gets home which is like 3:05 or something...Yes, 'tis only the second day of school...but really, I NEED to change this "getting school done later." It really isn't fun.

:D Just thought I'd share I got and 80% in my Math yesterday....Can you guess what I was learning?!?! Addition and Subtraction. Really now...Don't you think I should know these sort of things. :D -Ah, but on my time test for addition I got 100% BOTH yesterday and today! - As you know, those things can escape your thinking!

- You see, the reason I am studying Addition and Subtraction is, because I am starting a new Math Curriculum, Saxon to be exact. But, they are very basic and the first lesson of the book is on Adding and Subtracting...today was multiplying and dividing...

I am also teaching Isaac and Becca their Language Arts and Music. Yesterday, we learned the Wee Sing Song "Hello To All The Children of The World". =D Isaac didn't' exactly enjoy our little choir...but then again I think most boys age eight wouldn't like singing a song that has Italian, Spanish, Greek, German, either! Well...I think there were a few more languages, they were saying like "hello, and good day." I believe it was!

One of the things I don't care for in school; is that I have to do the first few problems or things with Mom before I can start on my own, and with three other kids, that can be kind of challenging to get Mom for lets say Math in one of her few spare moments! You have to "Call ahead of time, to reserve a place in her busy schedule!"

Just telling you all, what has been happening in school!

Have a great school year!


P.S. This was written on like Mon. Tues. or something this past week... before our computer crashed so some of this was last week. :D


Bethany said...

LOL ~ So glad we could see each other today! Glad you've been having a great school year (so far). And yes, I know about math. I got an F (a few years ago) on dividing fractions *smacks head*


Bailey said...

AGH! Kara! You didn't remember that post on the proper use of e.g. and i.e.!

I forgive you this time.

Oh, I just love "Hello to All the Children of the World"! My brothers? Never were thrilled about it either.

And I know all about getting school done right before dinner time. My sympathies.

And I love the beginning of math...it's just all review. Except for geometry. :o/

Kara said...

It was rather fun to see each other!!

:D Oops, sorry Dear Bailey... "i.e. is for a brief explanation.. e.g. is for something else.."

Hope you both have fun with the school year!

Anonymous said...

sounds like mom is very popular, and much needed most of the time. I wonder what you'll be doing in Math by the end of the year.. time will tell. You do great in your work, you may need to slow down just a tad, as you like to whiz through everything. You are a natural born whizzer!! Mamaw

Kara said...

Yay Mamaw! You have mastered commenting on blogger!

Thank'ee for commenting on the posts!