ANOTHER Blogger!!!

Dearest Bloggers,

Another friend; Miss Maria Fuller has created a blog!!! Isn't it exciting?! Well, I would suggest that all of you go over to her blog which is http://wwwsunshineinacloudyworld.blogspot.com/ and give her a warm welcome.

Hope you all enjoy her blog! I would like to you all to note: There is no dot "." after www on her address. So, don't get mixed up or anything just remember there is no dot "." after www

Nice job, Maria!



Bailey said...

My goodness! I do believe you could run a blog focused just on announcing the many girls getting blogs.


Bethany said...

LOL Bailey :)

~Speaking of your blog~ I saw your profile picture - loverly. :)


Menominee Maidens said...

:D I most likely could...I would post about other things...like the big tree that collaped in our driveway in a storm yesterday... :D

:D Thank'ee Dearest! Anna took it in Mt.

Have a wondrous day!!!


Maria said...

Thank You Kara for your kind comments and help!

carlotta said...

Thanks for sharing! She has a super cute blog :)