The Special Meetings Update

Bro. Dale and Sis. Joann SmithDad and Bro. Dale

Sis. Joann's WONDERFULLY long hair
(Oops)Sis. Joann was amazed at Anna's piano playing

Last weekend was special meetings for our church. Bro. Dale and Sis. Joann Smith came for 5 days. We had a really enjoyable time with them. Sis. Joann is such a sweet lady, a wondeful example of a Christian mother, and wife/helpmate. Bro. Dale can be halarious/funny, one minute and then the next is so solemn and sincere, he's not like the person telling jokes a minute before. But, I really enjoyed his messages he preached.

One or two days before they came - Thursday, we were all running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

Wednesday: Cleaning, and Mom was doing something with Anna, on the computer. (?) Then, it was that day we had terrible weather, e.g. tornado warnings, flash flooding, lightning, severe thunderstorm warnings, etc. That night was supposed to be church night, but Dad canceled it because of the terrible weather. We listened to a Bro. Branham tape for church service. Anna had made some brownies so we ate them and went to bed.

Thursday: Mom and Anna cleaned because they hadn't the day before, so that meant that Isaac and I did the yard work...only mowing, but it's still yard work. Anna did the front slope, I did the other front part, and Isaac and I did the back...taking turns. Then, we made sure the house was picked up, baked 2 raspberry pies, had to go shopping for that weekend, ( :O It took 2 carts, but 3 to take it all out!) then at 1 'o clock we had volunteered at Heritage Park. Would "ya" know it, not a single soul came that day, after all that rushing. Mrs. Grover said we could go home, and we did! Then, the Smith's called and said they would be at our house at about 8:00. We made sure everything was ready and they came. They sat and talked, ate raspberry pie and then after talking some more went to the Landmark Hotel. (or is it Motel!?)

Friday: Sis. Joann, Mom and us kids went rummage saling, while Bro. Dale, Dad, and Uncle Jonathan went fishing. The girls found some things, and Bro. Dale caught "the biggest smallie he thinks he's ever caught" So, I think they had fun! They went to the hotel or motel to rest up and came back for supper...as did Bro. Scott. We talked some more and they went to the hotel/motel.

Saturday: We kids got up, for breakfast and as we were eating dad announced the dreaded news "Kids we have to pick beans, this morning." :( We got out there...to the bean plantation (jk, our garden) and picked while it was early and cool. So, we picked and snapped four, five gallon buckets of green beans. But, Sis. Joann thought it was wonderful, - she wanted to help. She said "She would just do this for hours if I had the beans." They went to the hotel/motel to rest, until 6:30 p.m. or so for Service. That service was WONDERFUL! I so enjoyed it. We had service and went to Culvers; stayed there for a while, went home, checked something on the computer and went to BED!

Sunday: Got up at either 6:something or 7:00...dunno when, but Dad called me out of bed to go get a big bag of ice at the gas station before it started raining really hard. So, I went. Then, we aroused the rest of the kids, and started to work: Filled the cooler with soda, sliced cucumbers and mixed them with other ingredients, got ice, took gr. bean jars to the basment...etc...plus some more. So, at 9: something Dad was going to go to the church building to get it ready. Mom said she was going to be late (e.g. lots to do yet) and asked Dad to take 3 of the kids (that's all his truck will hold) so he took the three oldest. We got there, got the lights, and then while setting up, Dad wanted us to sing a special. Anna wanted to sing the song Dad wanted us to sing and I didn't know the words. Anna was writing them, we were trying to practice, and people came...so that was the end of practice. The song went great anyway. After church we had a dinner at our house, it was filling. People stayed later and then went home.

Monday: The Smith's didn't come that morning, so we just did normal stuff, but the bills had to go out, we had to take them to the places, the building key had to be dropped off and I wanted to go to the Library, to do some things with Blogger, that our computer won't let us do. I got to the library and asked if the computer was open. It was. So, I went to do all this "Dada" stuff and try to get on. "Your library card is inactive. Ask the librarian to activate it", popped up on the screen. I went and asked the librarian, she took me library card, then came back. "Ohhhh, I found out why, you can't get on, your Mom has to sign a card in front of us to say you can get on the Internet." (heart sinks) "Oh. That's okay then." So, I went and sat at the table at the window reading American Girl magazines. Mom came we didn't' have time to do the computer sign in, so we went home. We made sure the house was picked up, and then waited for Dad to come home. Bro. Dale called, and Dad went to pick him up to go golfing. Sis. Joann was sleeping, so mom called later and asked if she wanted to come over. She did, she came over and Mom and she put up an Upper case living that said "Christ is the center of our home." Anna and I were sewing, until she had to go make a salad for supper, but in the process sliced her fingers trying to cut some partially frozen chicken. Bro. Dale called and said they were soaked, and only golfed 7 holes before they were rained out. They came home shortly, changed, and sat and talked for another while. Then, the guys went out to Culver's for their Chipoltle Burgers. Sis. Joann, Mom, and us sat around and talked until they got back, then we all talked some more...the kids got ready for bed. Isaac and Becca went to bed, and us girls stayed up and listened to talk...then we had to go to bed too. I wanted to get a picture of Sis. Joann's REALLY long hair, and then I said goodbye, and good night and went to bed...well sorta, I wrote a note and snuck it in their car!

Now...*sniff sniff* THEY'RE GONE!!! :( That's too bad, but we enjoyed the time we had with them.

Have a great day!



Bethany said...

Ahhh...I would've melted if the librarian said that to me!

~Her hair - beautiful!

Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Minus the bean picking. Thank goodness we didn't plant that many. :D


Menominee Maidens said...

:D Most likely!

I know, her hair is so beautiful, wish mine was that long.

:( The beans were...not fun.


Bailey said...

For the record, I picked THREE beans from our plantation. Ha!

I love having company and I guess I'll get my fill Saturday - there's going to be twenty-seven people packed in our house somehow - !!

Love you!

Menominee Maidens said...

Dear Bayleaf! ;I Only THREE?! That is a record...

Woah...thats a lot of people...lot a lot of people. I simply can't wait until your birthday, it sounds like so much fun. Although I am still searching for a costume...Emma style right? I believe I know if it is.

Love you both!


Menominee Maidens said...

Bailey, how could you! Haven't you experienced the wonder, adventure and beauty of bean picking?

Let me explain: Wonder.
The wonder of what kind of bug could be crawling on your ankle

And: Adventure
The Adventure of wrestling your way through the twisted sea of a row of beans.

And: Beauty
The Beauty of the Sunrise - since you have to get up so early to "beat the heat".

;) Nice pictures Kara.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could have been there and seen Bro. and Sister Smith again. They are precious people. Sounds like they had a wonderful time at your house...and the meetings I'm sure were so good. Thanks for taking us through your week with them. Love Ya!! Mamaw

Menominee Maidens said...

Mamaw, yes I myself really enjoyed having them. While we were talking and she said "Sister Polly, (or Pauline) was the first person that made the time I was there make me feel really comfortable. When we visited their church. (It was something along those lines)