Charm: A School In Etiquette

Ahem. I have officially graduated from Miss Bailey's wonderful Charm class: A School of Etiquette, as did 16 other girls. At my table was Miss Bethany, Miss Kylah, Mrs. Fuller, and myself. It was a wonderful party, and I give honour to the lucky lady for whom it was thrown.

First of all, when we arrived about everyone was sitting down for dinner. Miss Bailey gave strict rules: "No one is to have their elbows on the table, your napkin must be folded lengthwise on your lap, and you are to sit up strait." Striving to follow these rules, we began to eat. After everyone had finished dinner, it was time for cake! (yum, yum!) There were three cakes, chocolate, lemon, and strawberry which were all very scrumptious indeed.

Then, we read a little saying or quote about being a modest, humble, lady, that was on the inside of each girls name card. Then...it was time for class.

Our first class was: Posture...wonderful posture. We each grabbed a partner after, Miss Bailey demonstrated how exactly you were to:

  • Sit
  • Stand
  • Pick up a dropped item
  • Curtsy

It was quite interesting to see the other girls "performances". Next was Classics Class, which was a book, you might call "guessing game" it was really fun.

Then, came Art Appreciation...ugh. My picture of "Goldilocks going to visit the pig" was horrible. The object of the art program, was for Miss Bailey to descibe her orignial drawing and see which girl was the closest to her drawing.

*BONG, BONG, BONG* Nine o'clock. We had to move things along, so all we girls went into the dining hall, and voted for the most "accomplished young lady". Congratulations to Miss Lindsey! Who won anonymously.

Those who could stay a bit longer, watched Miss Bailey open her various gifts for her growing hopechest.

I actually graduated!!! My place setting

Miss Bailey

Some of the food

Demonstrating how to have good posture

Voting for the most accomplished young lady

It was a wonderful idea and party, and I would like to thank Miss Bailey and all of her family for hosting and inviting us!!!

Have a wonderful birthday, Bailey!!!



Bailey said...

Wonderful, wonderful post, Miss Kara!

You know, when everyone stood up for Program of Posture, I felt dwarfed. Why is it that most everybody is taller than me?

((hugs)) Love you lots! So glad you could come!

Bethany said...

It was wonderful! I loved it - and you were my best ummm...guest tabler? :)


Anonymous said...

Dear Kara,
Do you think they would accept an old grand-ma at this etiquette school. I think I need some lessons. Your blog is so interesting! Love ya!!! Mamaw

Menominee Maidens said...

Thank'ee Miss Bailey and Miss Bethany. :D I alslo REALLY enjoyed it.

MAMAW!!! You finally started commenting. So glad you found me. Thank you!