Happy Birthday, Miss Bailey!

I would like to announce the official 16th Birthday of Miss Bailey Bergmann, a wonderfully pretty, christian, feminine young lady. I hope you all post a little something about her, because its her 16th birthday, and don't you like to get special comments and posts about you on your birthday? That's what I thought. So, I am going to write a little something about Bayleaf.

We met the Bergmann's um...a while back at a WRHS homeschool picnic. At first I didn't really pay any attention, but they were actually wearing dresses/skirts! I went over, and bashfully asked if Bethany could play. While we were playing, Bailey and Anna were also getting to know each other. That was the first time we ever saw the Bergmann's but it lead to many play dates.

I would also like to say, Bailey has grown and matured since that first meeting at the park. Miss Bailey is a wonderful person and friend. She almost always has a wordy speech to give. :D

Alright, the main reason I posted this was to say: Happy 16th Birthday Bailey. May God bless you through these coming years.

Love you Bayleaf!!!




Bailey said...

LOL Love you too, Kara! Amen about my wordy little speeches I pop out at random. ;o) You're too funny. And I'm so glad to know I have matured since we met you. That might have something to do with another dear girl named Anna.....

Bethany said...

Happy birthday m'dear :)

Zoe said...

Hi Kara! I love your blog. It is so cute :)
Happy Birthady Miss Bailey.

Menominee Maidens said...

Zoe! Good, you found me!

I like your blog, nice job on it!

Thanks for commenting!