A lot...Has...Been...Going...On...

*Exhausted sigh* Good gracious. It has been really busy lately...quite unfortunately...but then again, it is fortunate. So, whatever. :D Well...I am here to give you all an update on my busy life. Here goes. (You might be reading for a while! :D)

Since I last posted on July 28th of the year 2010, um...well on Thursday after that, my Uncle Sam, Aunt Christie, cousins: Samantha (Mamph) Lauryn (sometimes Lala), Caitlyn (her sisters and family call her Caitcait) and Emma, (who gets called an assortment of names) came late at night...I think it was at 11:00 - 11:30 pm.

- The evening previously we, my parents, and Anna, and I were attempted to put up a very ornery tent from my uncle...it didn't go too well. We ended up calling my uncle and having them - uncle, JJ, and Grandpa come and see what was the matter. Well, they finally got it up after much effort.

The weary family arrived at such late an hour and the parents sat down to...talk. Fun, eh? The kids also sat down to...talk. So, after we talked we were supposed to sleep in the tent my family had laboured for so long a time to put up. Well...we didn't, it was raining...and the rain dripped or poured in to the tent...soaking the blankets and pillows we had previously prepared. We dragged the blankets and different articles out of the tent and ran back inside...thus, we ended up sleeping in a squished position in the study, upstairs.

The next morning...a typical one, was a morning where we kids slept in after staying up 'til two or three the night before. We all ate a yummy breakfast, and played and did various things. I was teaching Lauryn how to make an apron. (Which kind of ended a flop on the waistband) But, we were called and told we were going to go yard saling. We didn't want to. We were gonna stay home. BUT instead we went to Mosquito Hill, and had an enjoyable time. Then on the way back, we divided into two vehicles, the ones who went yard saling in one and the ones who wanted to go home in another. That was most of our day.

SUNDAY. Was our Dad's surprise birthday party - which wasn't a surprise...well I guess he knew we were planning something but he just didn't know when. So...maybe it was a surprise! We had a lot of people over, he got gifts, and really funny cards :D, and I think he liked it. It was a lot of fun, to see everyone.

Monday. We slept/stayed in bed 'til 9:00. It was really nice! At 10:00 Naomi Leitner and her little girl, Elliana came over until five. Elliana is so cute and sweet! We had a little thing where we were supposed to go wading (You and Sarah can relate Floppeth!) but I pushed Mamph, and she fell...into the pool. :D

Today...Present...Um...Well Anna and Mamph had to go baby-sit my two cousins until Thursday. I got up at 6:30 something and had to go buy eggs and bread, then we had to do devotions and we took them to babysit...and now I am writing a post.

-Oh, did I mention on Monday night we watched Pride and Prejudice? That movie is really good!

Well, Cheerio!



Bethany said...

Sounds like fun - right now I'm surrounded by happy cousins. I just got back with the boys fishing - in which I nearly killed them by running into logs with the boat. :D


Anonymous said...

:) We've been having fun. Let's just try to keep our heads on straight. :P