well hello there!

oh, hey! it's me...finally posting on my blog. *ahem
Mah life has been super, s-u-p-e-r busy, of late...so that explains the lack of corresponding via the interweb. ;)
On Tuesday we had a Cross Country meet in Wautoma. This meet was really fun - and super fast! The varsity runners were actually "split up" according to ranking, and actually ran two separate races. I ran in the Master's race (which included the top 1-3 runners from each team) and ended up taking 1st place! I ran a 19:19 minute 5k, which was a 22 second PR for me. ;) It was a great race, and I enjoyed it! Clara (pictured aboovve) took 1st place in the Girl's "Novice race" (which included runners 4-7 of each varsity team) and I am so proud of her! She was strong throughout the race, and took home the win!
Clintonville did well at the meet, and we brought home a lot of medals and a 2nd place finish for the girl's varsity team. :)

Taylor, Brooke and I (we ran in the "master's race")

After our meet in Wautoma, we went out to Culver's as a team. :) #squuaaddd

Here's Clara, Vanessa and I cheesssinnn' after our Hortonville meet today (Saturday). :) I took 3rd place with a time of 19:47 today. I'm not very happy with the time, but I'll try to console myself with he fact that the course was hilly and challenging. . . :( However, our girl's varsity team took 3rd place as well!

Anndd, aside from cross country meets and practices you can find me doing school. ^^^
Drinking coffee...(or, well, tea in the above case...)

or going to work. :)



Joanna said...

That is so awesome, Kara!! Great job!
You are so cute! :)

Bethany D said...

Okay. The last picture made me smile. You're so cute. :) This post also reminds me that I REALLY want coffee. :/

It's so awesome that you can run with the Clintonville girls! And you look like you're having lots of fun. As usual, I still bow to your amazing effort at hardcore cardio. :)

Hannah Bergmann said...

Good job, Kara! :) You're so talented! ALSO, I just have to say, you and your friends are so cute! Like seriously! :D