mah life

Since the last time I posted, I was asked to join and thus did join the Cross Country team at our local high school. I'm honored to run with these ^^^ amazing girls! :)

Um, yeah. This is the state our tent usually resides in during xc meets. ;) Gym bags, shoes, snacks...water, you name it, we've got it. ;)

Bussss riddeesss! :)

At our first meet in Amherst on Thursday, I placed 2nd overall for girls Varsity (and JV was included in the race). :) It was a great feeling to have tried my hardest on a tough course (very hilly, so says the coach!) and medaled!

Our girl's team won first place, as well! :) Win-win!

Yeahh...at the end of meets, we m i g h t sit in our bus and converse with other teams via yelling back and forth. ;)

For xc meets, I'll usually bring some sort of snack for mah team mates. :) The current favorite flavors are: peanut butter (ANYTHING!)
banana-chocolate chip
lemon blueberry
:) Runners need their calories!

So, if you've grown tired of my xc pictures and explanations, I'll let you take a peek at what I do in my spare time...when I'm not at practice or running a meet, that is. :)

First of all, I've been babysitting...the above picture will let you see that sometimes I forget a sweatshirt and FREEZE to death...so I resort to fuzzy blankets and hot tea while I watch my adorb charges. ;)

School! :) My senior year is filled with all kinds of great classes! :)

annddd, getting up while it's still dark to open the coffee shop. :) Gotta love early Saturday mornings!

There you have it...an abbreviated version of my crazy life...complete with weird selfies. :) So to make it a little better (and slightly more disjointed), I included a picture from my sister's (beautiful!) wedding day, since I haven't posted any until now.



Anonymous said...

You have such varied talents and amazing abilities. Beautiful picture of you as a bride's maid.

Bethany B said...

So, that picture of you + fuzzy blankets + coffee is adorable. You must have some really cute (YOUNG!) charges! My last babysitting escapades normally ended with fuzzy blanekts...but I was being smothered by three boys playing rough house. :)

Congrats on your running endeavors! Aidan got me running (IKR!?) and I can barely make it .75 before dying. I'm forever looking up to you as my running motivation.

I didn't know you worked at the Living Room!? Awesome! :)

And I love seeing all the photos from Anna's wedding/her new house and such. She was SUCH A BEAUTIFUL bride, and you were pretty rocking your role as maid of honor (right?) Anyway. You were both gorgeous.

I'll stop talking now. :)

Anonymous said...

Kara. How did you get to be so cute...and motivated...and awesome. I wanna be like you when I grow up. ;)

Love ya:
Your favorites sister EVAAAAAAH!!-