Anna's Bridal Shower


The theme I went with was shabby chic-ish, with lots of peonies and blue mason jars. :) Pinterest is the best for bridal shower ideas!

 Cake table. Origionally, the community center we rented had a very...*lovely* bulletin board/4th of July display behind the "cake table". I made a streamer background and mom and I covered the bulletin board with a plastic table cloth... :)
For the gift table I made a sweet little burlap banner, and covered the originally *ugly* table with a lace tablecloth...I entwined some pink peonies in her bird cage card box, for a little extra something. :)

Prriizzeesss! For games we only had time for:
How Well Do You Know the Bride
What's in Your Purse
Does the Bride Know the Groom? (Bubble gum game)

For food, I made two different kinds of wraps. (I thought that would be a little different than the usual chicken salad etc. that is served at Bridal Showers. Below is the full menu:

Pesto-Chicken Wraps
Italian Wraps
Veggies in a cup
Fruit Salad
Lemon Poppy Seed Cupcakes

The beautiful bride to be! :)))
We had a lovely group of  40 ladies and girls who joined us in celebrating Anna and Ethan's upcoming wedding. Thanks to all who came and made her day special! :)


Justin and Kaitlyn said...

great job on the bridal shower, Kara!


Bethany B said...

PRETTAY! And you've gotta love those community centers. ;) (Although you did a lovely job covering up bulletin boards and ancient wooden tables!)

The peonies + theme were perfect. SO ANNA! BTW, Christian mentioned he saw y'all in Culver's and went on to say, "WOW. I forgot how awesome Anna's hair is. Because it was awesome." (needless to say, such compliments are highly unusual coming from such a mouth. But Anna's hair really is gorgeous!)

I STILL smile whenever I think of her getting married. All those days of playing dress-up in wedding dresses to "The Wedding March" really did pay off! ;)

Anna said...

Love you, Kara!!!! You did such an awesome job. Downright inspirational....I'll be back to return the favor.. *Mwahahahaha

@ Bethany B. You guys crack me up:) Thanks for brightening my day with the compliments!!

Maryann Faz said...

Great job kara! Everything looked like it was beautiful and delicious. :-)

Elisabeth@Treasuring the Moments said...

Very nice, Kara! You did amazing and those cupcakes, wow(!) very professional looking. The wraps sound like a nice change, too.