what's up | December life 2014

Hey there, peeps!
December is here. And it's already been here for a week, and I just now decided to post on that tremendous happening. ;)
First of all: here's a first week of December's: What's Been Happening!
1. My essay, entered in the VFW's Voice of Democracy Essay Contest, won first place at local level last week. ;) It went to District level this week, so we'll find out how that went in a few days. :)))
2. I have one more "drive with my driving instructor" before I'm done. . .driving with my driving instructor FORVER.  ;) I'm taking my road test at the DMV the last Tuesday of December.
3. I've been running a lot. Well, only four days this week, but in only four days I beat my usual weekly milage of "20.__ miles" (earned in 5 days) with 25.3 miles in 4 days. ;) I was super stoked! Thursday marked the day of my longest run ever in my running history. 8.6 miles was the total, and I ran it at a 8 minute/a mile pace, (about half a minute longer than my usual runs) but since there were A LOT of hills on the route, I think it's okay.
4. We've been doing a lot of shopping. :)
5. I'm planning my sixteenth birthday party, which is some pretty exciting stuff. ;) (Deciding what dessert to have when you're gluten/sugar free + don't really eat desserts = I've been testing s/f + g/f dessert recipes lately) Invitations are in the works. . . :)
6. My little sister is playing in her first piano recital this month! :) She's been super about practicing her pieces and enjoying it ever since she started lessons. She's really excited and, so am I.
7. Two more weeks of school before Christmas Break! :) Gotta love school, but I'm looking forward to a bit of time off.

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Hannah Bergmann said...

Congratulations on your essay and good luck on your road test! Exciting stuff!
(: Looks like you're pretty busy nowadays! My Christmas break will not be very soon or long, because I'm scrambling with so much school, violin, Xmas gifts, and everything else, but I am looking forward to at least a little bit of a break. (: