new blog name and recents | life November 2014

1. I woke up to lots of snow this morning! We got our first "real snow" last night. Even though we had about an inch before we left for Arizona, but yesterday was the snow that really qualified as the "first snow". After drinking my cuppa jo, I was out shoveling for a few hours. Ah yes, winter has returned. . .

2. new blog name. . .my posts vary in their subjects (cooking, random, life, etc) and as a result they all don't classify under Kara Lynn Photography. . .so walah! I changed le name to the above - as I'm sure you gathered. . .

3. I saw the Grand Canyon again.

4. We took a bike ride on the Grand Canyon's rim while we were there. :)
5. I'll be done with piano lessons after Solo and Ensemble. (Ack. . .it's actually really sad! Time really flies; yesterday I figured out how many years I have been taking lessons...) Working on one of Haydn's Sonatas for the contest, which is coming along very well!
6. It was so good to be running again. We went on a few trips in succession, and even though I was able to sneak a few runs in on those trips, it wasn't as much as I would have liked. Got a snowy 4.15 miler in yesterday. :) (it got pretty wet, as you can see from the picture above.)
7. I got a coffee mug and some EOS vanilla-mint lip balm in the mail from a sweet friend the other day!

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Hannah Bergmann said...

Piles of snow once again. Isn't shoveling so. much. fun?! :P
Random gifts are the best in the world. :D And, oh my goodness, yes, Thanksgiving just jumped right on top of us this year!