Exciting Things to Happen in Oct.

"Do you want to be a photographer?" He asked.

"Yeah, it's pretty awesome". I replied

"So...what are your rates?"

"My rates?" I fumbled, "uh, I dunno...half of Jeremys?! Yeah...half of his."

That was the end of that conversation, and I was beginning to become suspicious. --"he" is getting married in October and..yeah.

At supper, my mom and Grandmama were talking about the wedding and all the fun plans coming with it. The subject turned to the photographer of the wedding.

"So, is Jeremy doing your wedding photographer? Asked my mum.

"Noooo, Jeremy is the best man...who will be your photographer?" wondered my grandmama.

*cue me, sitting beside my Grandmama*

"She's sitting right beside you" "he" said,  talking to my Grandmama.

*now, cue dropped chins and bulging eyes - by everyone in my family...*

So that's the story on how I *gulp, and squeals with excitement* am a Wedding Photographer...in October.

I had previously told my Uncle Jeremy that I didn't think I could do wedding photography, to get all the right shots, and have the right camera settings...and please the clients. Yeah.

But...now - me is one! :) I get excited, and nervous just thinking about it. I've looked on Pinterest for poses, and searched for "must have photos" for Weddings lists and all of that. But, it really comes down to the photographers skill, experience *don't laugh jk* and knowledge - to get out of bad situations...including lighting, settings....

I'm thinking of buying some more supplies for the wedding shots. Flash(es?) Reflector etc. So. We'll see how it goes.

If there's any photographers who've done weddings, why don't you share your tips/tricks?


Zoë said...

So exciting :) Congrats! Best of luck...yep, I have seen those recent pins!!! Was wondering if something was going on...lol

Best of luck to you!

Bethany Grace said...

Totally crashing the wedding. :) Just kidding!! So excited for you!! You can practice on Daniel and myself in the meantime. Daniel just needs to grow a few feet for size. :D

Kara said...

@ Bethany: OMW! I should totally take you as my assistant photographer, should I not? We would have the most awesome time!

@ Zoe: Yup. :) Pinterest is so awesome!

Anna said...

YAAAAY! I so was excited for you when we all found out. :)

Bekah said...

Sorry, photography is not one of my skills, but I wish you the best anyay. Have fun!

Serenity said...

How exciting..that's so awesome! :) You're a really awesome photographer Kara.

thanks for the comment on my blog!