Redo my Bedroom.

So, this is what our room looks like now.

But, I'd like to redecorate/paint/change the room completely. But, we must remeber I share this room, with two sisters. :?

These are the colors/idea I'd like to go with.

Your thoughts?


Bethany Grace said...

My thoughts: looks great! If I had a room of my own *laughs* I would have the same practically...I really liked the first idea. ;D

And, someone has been I pinterest I see... ;D

Zoƫ said...

Well...I really like the photo in the center! The colors in that one really POP. I like the accents.
We are thinking about re-doing ours, might not happen for awhile though!


Bekah said...

I love it! Although there is the dirt factor to look at. With all of that white it would be hard to keep things clean. Other than that I really like the design and everything.

Kara said...

@ Bekah: I know. *huge sadface* White is such a terrible color to keep clean - thus it probably would NOT *ahem* be in our room. End of Conversation. ;)

Mallory said...

I love all of them! But I like your room now, too. : )