To my Dad

Dear Dad,

Today is your special day...Fathers Day. I know we're busy getting ready for our big trip, but I really want you to know how much I love you, and value you.

I love having you for a Dad. - God couldn't have blessed me - and this family, with a more godly, awesome, fun, Dad. :)

You have so many amazing traits and qualities (that I hope you handed down to me). Like being slow to speak, you don't argue with anyone, and you Pray for Gods' leadership before doing anything. You really show us - and of course other people, that there's something different about you. (in a good way of course!)

You make time for us kids...(as pesky as we may be sometimes. *mwahahaha*) playing catch with Isaac, taking us out to eat for our birthdays, and having a listening ear for ALL of us.

I love you sooo much, Dad! I hope you have an amazing Fathers Day, even as jumbled up as this weekend seems.

(Ha! You're going to looovvveeee my present! P.S: There's TWO!)




Anna said...

I second the motion. ;)

This was a touching post, Karie. *hug*

Bethany Grace said...


Megan June said...

Aww, such a sweet post! :-)


Amber =) said...

I love this! It breaks my heart though because I wish I could say the same to my dad but we don't have that kind of a relationship and he's not a Christian. But we are praying hard for him! But I love to see Fathers like yours! =)

Kara said...

Thank you all...I'm so sorry, Amber. I hope things work out for your family.