A Mission

A mission. Everyone likes to know what's going on, when it's going to happen and why. We like to look at our lives, to plan what we'll do, what our career will be...how we can reach people for Christ. So many times our plans are huge, they're full of zeal for serving our God, to tell others about HIM, to feed the hungry, to save the poor. --I'm not knocking missionarys, of course not, God calls people to do those jobs, and He uses those people to do great works. 

But so many times, we feel we need to get out there, to do BIG things for God...when we miss the "little" things He is showing us to do right NOW.  It seems that we don't realize that our mission field is right outside our door, or even in our home. We need to be able to show the people around us, whether it is to our siblings and parents, or to the people we meet on the street.

How can we be missionarys to our family, or to complete STRANGERS? You may feel horribly uncomfortable at even the sound of having to open up and talk to someone you don't know...or maybe even someone you do know. But, really, you don't need to talk to someone to show them Christ. Our lives should be a living testimony of the amazing God we serve. The way we live, the way we act as we are in town should show people what we've "got", and make them wonder why we are different.

Lets check our lives to see what we are really portraying to others.

Your thoughts?


Anna said...

Good thoughts, Kara. I agree.

Bethany Grace said...

Ouchy. I know I've thought of this often (especially since I want to be a missionary). What makes me think I reach out to people just because they're in a different country, if I can't do it now?

I got a new book for you. I stayed up until 2:00 am reading Do Hard Things. I've read it before - but this time, it hit me. It's not yet dinner, and today, with the outlook of just doing it, I had a million opportunities to get out of my shell. Because. I. Don't. Like. Talking. To. People. Except for you of course!

Momma said...

Such an important point, Kara, and you have stated it beautifully. If we are not willing to give our best to the people God has placed in our lives at this time and place, in all reality, that won't change if He calls us to a foreign field. Such a timely reminder!