Ordinary Life,

The kiddies were playing Skip-Bo, and because I want to do better with photographing "ordinary life", I snapped some picures.  

My schooling takes place like this, folks!

Ah, Piano. I recently started taking lessons, and have really enjoyed them.  Right now besides my "regular" lessons,  I'm working on Prelude in E Minor, Prelude in B Minor and For the Beauty of the Earth. Fun, no?


Marieanne said...

Skip-Bo!! A so cool game! :)
Beautiful pictures Kara!

Sanger Family said...

Lovin' your new camera? lol Very nice "ordinary" shots of life!


Joanna said...

Hey Kara!
I visit your blog often and thought I would leave a comment! I love the last pic of the piano and music book! btw....I'm Kaitlyn's cousin! :)

Bailey said...

I think the ordinary home life photos are always the most fun to look at. Kind of makes one stop to see the smaller things.

Bethany Grace said...

Skip-Bo...is that sorta like Dutch Blitz -- or am I thinking of Phase 10?

Looks like fun!

Anna said...


Serenity said...

Hey, thanks for the comment on my blog. :) You're so amazing at photography. :) :]