Tip: No Sprained Ankles

Tip: do not get a sprained ankle. Period.

We had Maria and Krista Fuller over, and were (wow) playing a running game.  So when yours truly stopped "moving",  my ankle kinda...rolled over. It was rather painful, if you catch my meaning.

The Saturday after, I spent a lot of the day, like this:

Book: check, (r)ice pack: check.

Thankfully, I found that while I was researching, I most likely only had a grade 1 or minor sprained ankle.  Merely a few pulled muscles, and or tendons et cetra. So, three days later, it was much better, and hardly noticeable!


Bethany Grace said...

Looks painful! I like your boot / slipper things though. ;)

Kara said...

Hmm, wonder where I got them? ;)

Serenity said...

Yikes...my brothers have gotten a few sprained ankles also. :( It's painful. I really like your boot too. ;)


Anna said...

I'm thankful that you're better.

Julia said...

Ooh, that sounds painful! Glad you're feeling better now! :D

Sanger9 said...

Ouch! Glad it wasn't seriously injured!


Sarah Grace said...

You poor thing ! Glad your better :) Sprained ankles are no fun ! I sprained my ankle when I was younger, and it still bothers me to this day...But, I'm glad yours was only a minor one :)