The Photographer, Photoshoot and Assistant

The Photographer: Jeremy Pyatskowit, (also known as my uncle) is a very talented, professional photographer.

The Photoshoot: The subjects of the photoshoot, was a family of four. (Two darling, little boys and of course, their parents).  Quinn was so cute. The shoot took place in their house, in front of their fire-place hearth, which was decorated with ornaments and stockings.

The assistant: That was, uh, me.  Uncle Jeremy had kindly invited me to come along, and be his assistant at one of his photoshoots.  (To be sure, I was thrilled) I set up flashes/deflectors, moved the deflectors/flash, held up a deflector, and tried to keep the kids attention on moi Uncle/camera.

Happenings: I got to Uncle Jeremy's, he showed/explained to me how to use the flashes and tripods.  Then, seeing we had a while before we left, we talked about cameras, photography and pricing. (Very educational, if you ask me!) We loaded everything into the car and went to their house.  When we arrived, I "helped" Uncle Jeremy set up.  Uncle Jeremy did a great job, included the kids (and not just in the photos!) and of course, took some awesome photos! I would occasional reset a flash, or held up a deflector. :) I had lots of fun!

Thanks so much, Uncle Jeremy!

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