{{ We're Going to Kings Island }}

Read the title, that's where we're going...Bland, eh?  Okay, ya'll might ask wwwhhhaaaaa, is King's Island?" So, I'll explain, with words and pictures. :)

This Wednesday, after Dad gets home from work,  we're leaving for Ohio. --Some of my mom's family live there, and we're going to visit them et cetra, AND go to this King's Island.

About KI, okaayyy.  King's Island is a roller coaster/amusement park! :) It looks like they have some killer rides, complete with big drops, and lots of thrill, like below:

Pictured above, is "the Beast"

Then there are others that go, upsidedown....Like the Vortex

Then another has very ""laarrrrgggeee"" drops.  Pictured below: the Diamond Back

Yeah...below is the Drop Tower. From their website: Feel your heart drop when you plunge a staggering 26 stories from a height of 315 feet straight down at a speed of 67 miles per hour on the tallest Gyro drop in the world!

 Below is the Firehawk

Note: All pictures were taken from the www.visitkingsisland.com website.

Those are some of the "bigger thrill rides".  They of course, have others....ya'know.

I'm quite excited to go! :) We might take one or a few of our cousins...maybe, ya never know.

Have a "thrilling" week!


Bethany Grace said...

You're really not going on those, right? I might be inclined to fear for your safety. *coughs*

Anna said...

*scratches head* Those tend to tickle the nerves, don't they. Hoping it'll be fun and not torture..

Bailey said...

I got sick just thinking about it. Make sure you don't eat ice cream or anything before riding The Beast. :P

Have fun, Kara! Scream loud and long, in remembrance of me.

Erin said...

Wow. Some of those rides look pretty intense. When I ride stuff like that, I scream my head off while telling myself that I will never, never, never get on this thing again.

Then I get off and think that it ended too soon and that I really should ride it again. Go figure. ;)

Have bunches of fun!

Bekah said...

Oh my word.I thought the Zippin' Pippin' was scary!

P.S.Sorry it's been forever since I posted a comment