Oh me poor (not) forgotten blog

Aherkm, Hola to all of you. 

Sorry for the "forgotten-ness" of my blog...But, it's been busy, I've been battling a cold(s), lacked inspiration-ish, and...yeah.

On Friday evening, we went to m'dear Uncles house, to have some cake and ice-cream. Happy Birthday, Uncle Jeremy! :) Mum asked if we could take Maddi (3) and Tucker (5) home for a sleepover. (Probably to give their wonderul, dear parents a relaxing evening). They agreed and we found ourselves with two extra children!:) It was fun. ish. :)  --I was tired from staying up late, and then at like 3:00 AM I rocked, etc Maddi, because she wanted her mom, and home. :) Ack.

Ever tried raw, minced garlic. On bread. Yum. -ish. (not) :) I've tried that with my last cold before this one, and it worked quite well. Besides the...*ahem* bad breath. :))

Sunday night, proved to be a wonderful, exciting, "hair-raising"(for Anna) experience. I practically begged mom to ask Bro. Ed to see if we could drive the "Gator".  She did, and we started off...Well, you might say that Anna had to figure out how to turn it on, get it into drive mode, and begin. When we began...we were inching a long like...a....herd of tortoises, my cousins and 2 siblings were going faster than us. (my goodness) Finally, she sped it up, and we were cruising *more like jolting jk* down the paths, by the fields and woods.  I was *aherm* singing. loudly. Anna was...carefully watching the road, there are lots of deer known in those parts, while I tried to get her to go faster etc...I got to drive, a wonderful thing.  That's what we did ...for a bout half an hour to an hour! :) I love to drive. Totally. Love, love, love.  :)


Bethany Grace said...

Sounds like fun!

um - garlic? Dear - um - are you sure you're okay...raw garlic?


Jenny said...

Sorry you're stricken with a cold in the summer. Those are bad enough in the winter!

Maybe you can drive Emma's scooter sometime. I doubt it'd be a fun as "The Gator", but it'd be *something*.

Do you have any pictures of that contraption?

Kara said...

Thanks Mrs. Green! I just found out you had a blog. Wondrous place.

I posted a picture of the "Gator".


Kara said...


Hm...it's really...not That bad. I guess.


Anna said...

Tried it? - No thanks. I've already noticed it's effects you. :D (It sure did help you to get over that cold though! What was it - only three days (?) that it lasted?)

It was awesome learning to *Drive* with you. :)