Blog Party

I was awarded the award from Blythe, at Farm Girl. :)

Here are the award questions that you're supposed to answer.
Your stranded. On an Island. You have nothing. What do you do? First of all, pray. :) Then try to get something together for food, warmth, and shelter.
What is your favorite feature: Eyes, feet, nose, etc? I'm quite happy with all Christ has given me...maybe Eyes? *Not to copy Blythe, but she said it so...wonderfully*

Ponytail or bun? Ponytail
Are your ears pierced? No sirree
What are you scared of?  Going into water I don't know, and...drowning.
your man. short or tall? Say whaaaa? My Dad is like 6'0, and my little brother is like...4' something.

Would you rather be 13 or 30? Probably thirteen.

chocolate or roses? Roses

I award this to:

Nina @ Sunlit Photography

Anna @ Daughter of the King

Bethany @ Joyfull Girl Creations

and...the next three who comment.


Sarah Grace said...

Congrats on getting the blog award ! Love ya !

Anna said...

Thank thee so much Kara. :) - Can't wait for Coffee and Cookies with you much longer...