Does Patriotism Still Matter: An Essay

Hey ya.   I entered the Patriots Pen Essay contest, last year I think it was and just recieved a notice that my essay had advanced to the "district level" but didn't win at district.  Here's the essay I wrote.

Does Patriotism Still Matter?

Does our country need its citizens to show patriotism? First of all, what is patriotism? “Patriotism is a
love of and loyalty to one's country. A patriot is someone who loves, supports, and is prepared to serve
his country.” The word patriotism emanates from the Greek word for fatherland. What is true
patriotism? Is it wearing a USA shirt on the Fourth of July? Is it flying a flag on Veteran’s Day? Is it
fighting over seas? Although, I believe these are noble ways of being patriotic, we can do much, much

What was patriotism like in the past? Many men and women were willing, and did sacrifice their
families, comforts, fortunes, and lives for their country. They served as government officials, judges, and
presidents to help maintain our nation. They constructed a new constitution for the people to live by, as
their standard. The fifty-six signers of the Declaration of Independence were willing to give their lives to
purchase freedom for our country. If they were willing to sacrifice so much for their fatherland,
shouldn’t we do the same, or even more?

How can one be patriotic today, right now? First and foremost, we can pray for our government
officials, defend our country when needed, and honor our veterans. We can be patriotic if we will honor
and live by the constitution as it was written and ordained to be. We can willingly serve our fellowcitizens and live virtuous lives to retain our freedom. As John Adams stated “Our constitution was made
only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."

In conclusion, I resolutely believe that our country does need patriotism, especially now. If we wish
to keep our country strong we need to show all the patriotism we have to succor our country. To be
the best kind of patriot, one must simply love and be loyal to his country. May patriotism
emanate from our lives.

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Bekah said...

Well said,Kara!You have a true patriot heart.I,at times,feel really quite zealous for our blessed country.When I read history,I notice how very rich it is and to see where we as a country have gone...it seems really quite hopeless.But you and I and all other Christian patriots must never give up praying for her.It may be our last hope.
God bless the USA!