Me: Self Portraits

It's ME! Wonderful me. Me.  *Me a name, I call myself* Here are some..random...interesting...crazy pictures of me. Joy, why I am I doing this..

Crazy, Ack I was trying to show my hyperness...Think I did a good job. *groan*


Bethany said...

Third and fourth pictures - you're so pretty. ;) ((The coffee one - rotflol - it made me smile. :)

See ya in a little bit!!



P.s. Kitty is sick again, and is now sitting on my lap attempting to steal my cherrios. Yes, cherrios. Caroline had some and I was rather hungry.

Kara said...

Thanks, Floppeth! :) lol...the coffee...ack.

It was so fun to see you today!

Julia said...

You are very pretty- great photos!


Anna said...

Ahh, I have a beautiful sister. :)