It's Her Birthday!

Yup, it's her birthday! M'dear BEST friend, Flop's a.k.a. Bethany, birthday is today!

Bethany, is my best friend, a crafty, awesome, young lady, who loves to photograph things.  I hope you have an awesome birthday, Flop! I love you so much.

(AND DON'T YOU DARE DELETE THIS POST!) I can change my password!)


*xtra big hugs*


Erin said...

That's so sweet...I loved seeing the photos of the birthday girl. :D

(And I had to laugh, too, about the 'don't delete this post' warning. Sounds like something I would do. ;))

Bailey said...

Happy Birthday, dear heart! Lots of love and hugs and imaginary kisses coming your way. ***squeeze***

Bethany said...

(I look dead in the last picture. :)

Lol - love ya sweet Kara! And no, I guess I'll have to keep the post up...although, even if you did change the password, I would still be able to get on your account. But anyways, I don't remember it - so...


(I nearly chocked at all this "happy birthday" posts that showed up on the blogs I was following. Plus I got random notes from people I didn't know wishing me a happy birthday. Slightly scary.)