It's An Update

Ello! :) How are all of my fine followers, readers et cetra? I am doing...supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! I probably spelled that wrong. *sigh*

Hmmmm, today was supposed to be a Maple Syrup field trip at Whispering Pines. :) But...seeing that we're got MORE snow, *grrr* and the roads are  slick, icy, etc. we  are going to delay it until tomorrow.

On Friday, we having Book Club, and are probably going to clean m'dear Aunt Paula's house, AND we might be having my grandparents over for supper. Ack, can any of you imagine the word "busy"? lol

Next week, is the SACHE Spelling Bee. Ooohh heavens, good grief. I hope that my spelling shall "return to memory!" :))


Bethany said...

Yup - and can't wait to see you Fri!

Erin said...

Goodness, dear Kara, it does sound like you are going to be busy. :) I feel so bad for y'all with all that snow...I might have said this before, but I definitely would package up some warm spring weather and mail it to y'all if I could. *hugs*