It's a Grand Trick

Okay ya'll, I just thought I'd post this, because I got such a good reaction when I did it. :))

Here's what you'll need:
  • Your finger :) (hopefully you have that)
  • some paper towels
  • a bottle of red food coloring
Now, place some papertowels under your hand/finger.  Take the bottle of red food coloring, and put a drop or two on your finger, and let it "run down-ish" your finger. :)) Go to one of your siblings, or parents and ask for a bandaid. :)) You'll love the reaction. I asked Mom for one and she said (with lots of concern) "Ooooh Kara, what did you do." :))


Virginia said...

hahahaha!!!! That's HORRIBLE!!!..... but it's something I would do... nd I will do it... when mom gets home from work tonight! hahah!!

Bethany said...

Heavens to Besty, I wouldn't dare do that on my Mum. :) How could you be so cruel?? I will say this. Red food paste works better - it's not as runny. ;) From experience? Oh, yes.

Kara said...

:) Isn't it "horrible?" Ah, but the expression is priceless..