Packers Win the Superbowl and Texans Trying to Pronounce WI Names

My hands were hot and clammy as I clenched them in my lap.  I stared at the TV screen. YEEESSSSSSS~ The room erupted in screaming, shouting, highfiving, and celebration. The Packers had beat the Steelers in the Super bowl! WOW, that was an awesome game. - Nervewracking, but awesome. 

We had lots of fun watching it.  We went to my Uncle Andy's house for a Super-bowl Party and watch the game. It was awesome.  There was a plate of fudge that was handed around when the Pack scored! :) Awesomeness!

The Packers had a "Return to Titletown" yesterday at 4:00 - 5:00 p.m. at Lambeau Field, to celebrate their win. 
The website that tells about it

Oh my goodness.  I can't believe they won.  It's awesome.  Awesome. Just awesome.

;) I had to send an email to my Steelers fan friend, and rub it in her face. lol As a friend posted "I feel bad for all my Steeler Fan Friends". I wouldn't be to happy if I was a Steelers Fan! :)

- Would ya believe it, MY BROTHER Ike was cheering for the Steelers *shame, shame*YIPES!


Here is a video of some Texans trying to pronounce Wisconsin City Names. :) lol It's a MUST watch. :) GO Wisconsinites!

The forever Packer FAN!


Bethany said...

Next time, stay tuned for Wisconsinites trying to say "Dragon" and "Root Beer" until then...

(a.k.a. extremely offended. :) **kidding** - lol - I only saw two people there who seemed to be from TX - the others totally lacked the accent. :) -- that was pretty hilarious -- ;)

Well, my fingers weren't sweaty - I do believe there's something wrong with me...brain fever perhaps. :)




Bailey said...

Hey, now, no need to be offensive. Some of us Texans still can't pronounce those names. But that's just because we follow proper phonetical procedure. ;o)

Anonymous said...

That sounds just like a bunch of Ohioans trying to talk like a Wisconsinite....Loved it!!! Mamaw