Football, the Clay-Maker, and GO RETIRE BRETT FAVRE!

So, did you see Sunday's Packer Game? I know Maria probably did! (Right?!) If you have, you must all agree that the Packers are awesome.  We got some sacks, big tackles, and interceptions. Who couldn't like them?

Second: The Clay Maker: Clay Matthews is awesome. He rocks. He's had: 60 tackles, 14 sacks, 1 interception, and 1 touchdown. He should've been rookie of the year. I am going to repeat what I said in the first paragraph: "Who couldn't like him". He is like the leading sacker, and is awesome on the field.

Thirdly: Brett Favre NEEDS TO RETIRE...like NOW.  Before he gets himself killed, like soon. Who doesn't agree with me? Huh? Last year he had: 22 sacks, 7 fumbles, 19 interceptions. Need I go on?

Oooh, looks like he's about to fumble the ball, in this picture!

Packers Fan Always,


Maddi said...

Couldn't agree more with everything that was said in this post! Packers are amazing, Clay Matthews is awesome, and Brett Favre NEEDS to retire NOW. Seriously.

Kara said...

Wonderfully said, Maddi!

Bailey said...

NOOO!!!! It's another football post.......!!!


Luv ya, Pip. You know I do. :o)

Kara said...

lol Bayleaf, I take it you don't care for anything related about football?

Bethany said...

The drama of it all.

'k. I'm thrilled. :) Sorry darlin' - you know (I think) that I don't exactly...like football. *coughs*


Sarah Grace said...

Ugh ! Football , Football , Football !

I consider a football game a time to sit and take a nap , or read a book .LOL ! Only if the game is exciting will I endure watching the full game .

And with Brett Farve ... I like how he has the passion and spirit to play , but he IS going to be like crippled for life ! But he is fun to watch !( * Sometimes * )

Kara said...

Well, maybe ya'll done, save Maddi, Maria and I. But, c'mon who doesn't like to see Clay Matthews make huge sacks, and tackles, who doesn't like to see the Packers play a great game, who DOESN'T like to see O'l Man Favre get knocked around? lol

Kara said...

BTW Did you hear, they are wondering if Brett Favre has lost his "legend"?

Maria said...

Yay Packers! I totally agree with everything said in your post Kara! Uh, how could you ladies not appreciate football?? Kidding!
Clay Matthews IS awesome, but personally, I like Aaron Rodgers better!! I mean, he is really amazing!
No matters what anyone else says, they( Packers) are going to win Sunday! They got into the playoffs didn't they? They're in it to win it right!
Love you Kara, sorry for the really long comment!

Anna said...

Pure Pyatskowithood! Pure Packerhood! Break out the sundrop and let's have a cheer!

I agree with you that... Clay Mathews is awesome, Brett Favre is in danger of killing - maybe just seriously hurting - himself,

and furthamore....


Bekah said...

Lots of comments on this one!
Rodgers is such a great quarterback and makes me happy that Brett Favre left.
Anyone who isn't a football fan better not marry one who is!lol!