You Know You're A Photgrapher

You know you're a photographer...

If: there is a camera strap around your neck all the time

If: Your siblings "disappear" when the word Photo Shoot is used

If: You have yelled "THAT WOULD BE AN AWESOME PICTURE!" As you run for your camera.

If: You love finding joy, in the little things.

If: Your best friend is a camera

If: You can agree with most of what I just said


Bethany said...

If: you scream in frustration because it didn't turn out how you wanted it. ;)

Enjoying the snow?


Anna said...

lol:) That's hilarious! You are most certainly a photographer. :D

Bailey said...

What happens if your camera doesn't have a strap?

Well, glad you asked, Bailey. I guess in that case, one can't be a real photographer...straps make the grade. ;o)

Katelyn McKay said...

Haha, then that would officially make me a photographer!

Love it :)