I've been getting into the awesomeness of photography, and all that jazz...So I am going to post some pictures of my "adventures". :D Hope ya enjoy!

Hope ya liked 'em!



Bailey said...

I like the one of the desk. Very Austen-ish, if you ask me -- and that, of course, is a very high compliment.

Bethany said...

Remind me what your camera is called - I decided I'm saving up. :) Lol, first my grandparents have a lovely Canon and then my brother comes home with one and I - I'm sitting there fainting on the ground. :)

Lovely photos btw!!

Kara said...

:D Thank you dear Bayleaf!!! I take that as a GREAT compliment!

:D You'll have to get one!

Sarah said...

I like them all ! Good job ! Sarah