Hey you all!!!  How have you been?! :D Um, yeah I went out to garden, and gathered the onions, and carrots. It was a nice day \for gathering.  I took some pictures of the product of my work. :D Enjoy!

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wow did you guys JUST harvest that stuff?
What did you think about the BB concert on Thursday? AWESOME, right? We took our cousin and his girlfriend, who obviously were not too interested. We saw Hannah(the girlfriend)texting during the concert, and she and Brady(our cousin)hardly clapped at all, even at the end of a song. I don't know, does your family clap along with songs? Well. our's does and I was pretty disgusted that hardly anyone else in the audience did. I mean, come on! Don't they know that the reason all the Southern Gospel groups love coming to Wisconsin is cause we're so enthusiastic?
After the concert, Dad teased Jim Brady about last week's game with Dallas. You did know that he's a Cowboy's fan right? Jim said he wished he'd never released that secret and that it was only cool when the cowboys were winning in earlier games.
Oh,did you take any pictures of the concert, and if so, are you going to post them?