Hank the Cow-Dog

Have any of you listened to or read any of the Hank the Cow-Dog books?  They are hilarious and will keep you rolling on the floor...maybe. :D

I tried to get a clip of YouTube...but they didn't seem to have any episodes. :((

Hope you can find some!!!


Elissa said...

Ooh, YAY! A fellow hank fan! We discovered Hank the cowdog years ago and have been huge fans ever since. He's so absurdly funny.


Kara said...

Elissa, isn't he AWESOME!!! :D He is soooo funny!!!

Bethany said...

Sorry Kara - I must have a difference in opinion - or maybe it was just the book I read. It was funny - but the language was not the best...so I thought. Perhaps I picked the wrong one off the shelf. :)

Kara said...

Well, Floppeth maybe you did...I dunno I don't think the language was bad in the books on tape...whatever. :)

Maria said...

Wow, yup they ARE funny. In school, one of my teachers used to read them out loud. And I read a few myself!!

Bailey said...

I must browse the same section as Bethany. I picked up the one with the witchcraft.

That was the last of Hank the Cowdog for me.

(For humor, I look to P. G. Wodehouse and Jerome K. Jerome...but the language isn't the best either. :o))

Kara said...

Bailey, I don't know if maybe you grabbed a book from maybe a differnt series...but the Hank the Cow-dog we listened to, was clean and the language was not bad.

*hugs* Hope to see you soon!