Happy Birthday Anna!

*Humming, Happy B-day tune* Well, well, well! Who's special day is it today, hmmm?!

Well, today is my sister Anna's 14th birthday, (she actually just got back from camp last night!) She is a real blessing to our family and our church. I'm thankful God has given us such a wonderful sister/piano player/playmate/best friend etc...

So, I figured that I'd make a little something to post. (I'll probably post b-day pics, and such later)

Hope you have a wonderful birthday Anna!!! Love you lots!



Bethany said...

Happy Birthday Anna!



Bailey said...

Happy Birthday, dearest Quizzy! I hope you made many memories, had lots of fun and relished that turtle cake. Were the fireworks to her satisfaction, Pip?

Katie said...

Happy birthday, Anna! Fourteen. Now you're my age. :-) I did tell you about the lady who guessed I was 14, didn't I? Oh, dear. Hope ya had a great day! Birthdays are the best time of the year.

Anonymous said...

Awww...thanks for mentioning my birthday Kara!

Thank you for the birthday wishes everyone!