The Latest Events

The latest events happening this week are the following;

On Monday, we were just exhausted from a most exotic and wonderful weekend. So, after sleeping in, I got up and mozied around for a bit, and then before lunch-time had the wonderful idear of going to the Olen Park for a picnic lunch. Mother agreed and we set off. What a time we had, boy it was fun!!!

Tuesday; My family has been excited for quite some time of an "unknown to you all secret", and Tuesday was the day it was supposed to happen. But, plans were changed and we were all a bit disappointed. Dad had planned to go to my grandparents to get a haircut, so we went and took a walk, rode the bikes down to see the Grover's horses, (that were in the other pasture) and when we got back, Dad had received the haircut he was due. We were going to leave, but wait! My wonderful Grandpa, had prepared a snack for us. Cold lemonade and snack mix. (Mmmmm, it was really good!) We came home and then went to bed. That was Tuesday.

Wednesday; I woke up at 6:20 something, but waited in bed until about 6:30 to really get up. (Shame, shame, I know!) I got up as usual, slowly and trying to be quiet so as not to wake up my sisters Anna and Becca in my descent. I got downstairs and pulled my hair into a tighter pony-tail. Then, I helped Mom with making Dad's lunch. At around 6: 40 - 45 or so I went and took Dad's lunch and daily coffee (he probably couldn't live without coffee. ;) out to the truck and started it. Well...I attempted to start it! Many other mornings it had started just fine (except, when I was just beginning to start his truck and it rolled forward a bit). Well, after pressing the brake, pulling the shifter into a different gear, and pushing my foot on the clutch pedal, I turned the key. VROUMPH! Said the truck as it jumped/lurched. (Can trucks jump!?) With a racing heart, I slowly put my foot on the brake and looked at the shifter. I then saw the problem, I had it in the wrong gear. So, adjusting it I started it without a problem. I ran inside and ate breakfast.

We had to pick up Anna and Seth to go take Anna shopping for needed accessories for camp, (She is going to Believers Youth Camp in Oh on Fri.) then Mom and Isaac had chiropractor appts. So, Becca and I stayed with Anna and Seth at Aunt Megan's for some lunch, then mom came back and we went home.

We set up the pool!! Yay! I am so glad, since it has been so warm and humid I think we actually might need it!!! It took about 2 and 1/2 hours to fill it. So, it took a resonable amount of time.

Well, you just got an update in the life of Me!

Have a great day!!

Kara, Pip (whatever you like to call me, just not something mean!!)


Bailey said...

Anna goes to camp on Friday? NO! That means we won't see you on Park Day...though it will probably rain. To think on the optimist's side.

6:30? Not even alive by then.

Anna has been tantalizing my imagination with that secret of yours. I'm just as disappointed as you that it hasn't happened yet. :o)

Love you, Pip!

p.s. I does not like the gear shift. I've tried to turn off the car while it's in "drive," tried to drive away while it's in "park" and...yeah. And it takes me forever to take the keys out somedays. Try five minutes forever, while parent laughs.

Bethany said...

The car starting going? Kara please - a million times I've asked you - watch what you're doing. :)

You wake up at 6:30? I'm not even going to mention when I wake up. *sheepish grin*

A secret? Ooooo....



Menominee Maidens said...

Yep, she leaves friday. BUT! Not until after Dad gets home so around, 3:00 something or later. Your safe! - It better NOT rain.

:) I wouldn't have too get up at 6:30, but I do. ;P

Mowahahahaha! I know, :( We were really disappointed. But, I'll le you in on a secret. We might have the secret tonight!

Yipes, Careful Bayleaf! Trying to drive away in park...Thats funny. Lol

Flop - Really Flop, do you think I would even try to make the truck roll?? No!

Yep, I wake up at 6:30.

A secret! Ohhhhh! I might be able to tell ya'll about it soon!!

Love you two!!


Anonymous said...

Wow and to think this was one of the "quietest" weeks we've had this summer. Daddy will probably teach you to drive using a stick shift so at least you'll have some experience with it. I had to learn how to drive and try to shift the gears. I was forever stalling the car. But I'm thankful I learned then because I've had many opportunities to put that knowledge to use.

Maddi said...

On the way back from picking Henry up from camp we saw you guys setting up your pool :).

And 6:30? Wow, you put me to shame. Lol

Katie said...

Bailey, it shall not rain! It's supposed to be nice!

6:30? Oh, dear, Bailey, we get up at 5:30-6:00 on week days. Kara, I am proud of you for getting up so early. It's a good habit...that I do not have. I am NOT an early bird. No worms for me.

Does not?! Bailey, you made a grammatical mistake! You guys-er, gals! Look at that! Did you look! Did you see?

Oh, anyway, Kara, congrats on the blog. Good grief. Now I have to check everybody elses.

Menominee Maidens said...

:) Lol, you gals are funny! Some days its tiring and not fun to get up at 6:30, but his morning got up at 6:48. :O

Maddi - Cool! But...I didn't see you. Well, we'll see you today!!!! Yay!

KT - Actually, you are correct, its not going ot rain , I check NWS and it says its suppost to be sunny and a high of 83. T.Storms tonight. I can't wait too see you!

? I just noticed that! Bayleaf, made a grammatical mistake. Tell the world!!! :)

Well, see you at Park Day, in a few hours, both of you!