simple pleasures

1. the first day of fall FINALLY arrived.
2. PSAT test prep at the coffee shop. Studying for a test is so much more enjoyable when you're having a cuppa  in that wonderfully cozy coffee shop atmosphere. :)
3. running in the fall season is amazing. The cooler days, beautiful scenery = the best.
4. sweaters. Oh, my dear, they're the best part of fall! (and I may or may not have bought a new one the other day. . . )
 5. plank workouts (my new favorite way to workout my core. full post coming soon on A Ponytail and Running Shoes)
6. pumpkin everything (even though I don't eat sugar, it's fun to make those classic desserts for others. - or maybe even come up with something of my own, like that pumpkin cheesecake my sister asked for. . .)
7. classical music while studying (currently loving a 6 hour Classical Music Playlist :)
8. essay contest writing :)
9. planning fall mini-vacas
10. candle-light + reading

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Maddi Stuewer said...

I completely agree with all of these!

I've recently started working on my planks more and I've been enjoying them.

Also, I found a Pumpkin Paleo Mug Muffin recipe online, but it didn't turn out very well...