washi tape + school supplies [diy]

First of all, let me say: I love washi tape. I bought some of the lovely stuff while we were school supply shopping; I've always wanted to try it out. :) washi tape is amazing because it's so easy! and it looks super cute on almost anything!
I took my school schedule/planner, and added a few strips of the decorative tape, and walah! it looked. . .like it had a bit more pizzazz! I also "washi-ed" my vocabulary/memorization box, as well. I'm really excited to decorate a few more of my "supplies", and, to use them!


washi-tape doesn't really need directions but:

1. grab a blank notebook/planner/anything
2. grab some washi tape (a few different patterns/colors, if possible)
3. tape to your hearts content, and walah!


1 comment:

Bethany said...

Begone the day I bought my first role of washi tape - it is thoroughly addicting and uncannily handy for every. single. project. =)

Hmm. Now I want to tape up something!