oh, days of summer [thoughts and ramblings]

^^ the evening sunset/skies have been lovely of late
oh, summer. . .it's flown by so fast! It seems like it should still only be June. . .
tomorrow I start my "final week of babysitting  before school starts for me
speaking of school: I'M SO EXCITED TO START!
life has been crazy of late. babysitting, photo sessions, shenanigans, and. . .busy-ness in general!
4 batches of minestrone soup made and canned! (that's what you do with an overabundance of tomatoes and zucchini. . .)
I'm starting a 10K training plan tomorrow. . .I've been working out consistently throughout the summer, but it hasn't included a lot of running. Here goes! Thinking about doing a trail run/fall "colors" (as in the leave's colors, that is) run, as extra motivation!
my (bestest evah) sister gets home from Oklahoma tomorrow night!!!
I made (refined sugar [and sugar subs] free!) Mint-Chocolate Chunk ice cream in celebration of above sisters' arrival home. ;) Because ice cream is her favorite and, ice cream is best served anytime.


Abigail said...

Hey Kara, great post!! Can you give me the ice cream recipe.....please

Anna said...

Annn' that ice cream was the bestest evah, too!

Love you so much, Kara!