babysitting adventures


"LOOK! I have a butter ice pack!"

preview: maddi's portrait session that we did "just for fun"

I wasn't able to get a picture of it, but due to licking the beaters, she had cookie dough on her nose/cheeks/face in general. ;)

babysitting yesterday [of course] included:
+ leaving the house at 7AM, and arriving at the destination half blinded due to the "glorious morning light" shining through the windshield (obviously there's no sarcasm there, haha)
+ playing school - aka: creating a fun way to do their mandatory math and writing sheets.
+ playing "old bunny"  
+ making chocolate chip cookies that turned into chocolate chip-M&M cookies. :)
+ a little girl taking frequent 'tastes' of said cookie dough to ensure it was "just right"
+ playing "dress up" and taking a portrait session {post to follow!}
+ reading lots and lots of "Fancy Nancy" stories
+ going swimming. Tucker referred to it as "polar bear-ing" haha
+ watching "Curious George" - he always saves the day. . .;)
+ making grilled chees and pb&j for lunch on the porch
+ yep! an 8 hour day was worth it. . . :)

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