Personal Fitness Goal [completed] - Running: 6 Minute/Mile Pace

Hey peeps!

This evening marks the accomplishment of one of my "aspirations" in my running/fitness world. :) When I first began running, obviously, I needed to build endurance; and that's what I mainly focused on. After I gained that, I moved onto speed training. While I've always run at a 7 - 8 minute/a mile pace, I've always thought it'd be amazing to be able to do a run (that was more than one mile) in under 7 minutes.


Tonight I went on a two miler run and completed in 12 minutes. Running at a 6 minute/a mile pace: which I've always wanted to do.

I'm super excited to have completed one of my fitness goals and, as always: [[keep running, keep working, keep aspiring]]

(In addition to my daily runs, I've added P90X3 Workouts! I love them; 30 minutes + an intense work out = the best way to spend a half hour!)

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Anonymous said...

That is awesome, Kara! Keep up the good work.