back-to-school prep

 + back to school preparations are in full swing. 

+ it's july (okay, tomorrow is august 1) but i can't believe that school is starting in. . .a little less than a month.

+ math and science books have been ordered, shipped and will be delivered soon.

+ we went to walmart and spent hour(s?) in the school products aisles, while we debated over which pens, pencils, three-ring binders and sticky notes to buy.

+ i bought some washi tape and so, of course, i've been adding color and style to my notebooks/binders/other "boring" looking things. (another post to come on my washi tape diy)

+ the little sibs have been eagerly anticipating the first day of school. "mom, why can't be just start school like. . .today?!"

+enjoying the last weeks of "summer vacation"

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